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official-cpf-logo copyThis is the website of the Umbilo Community Police Forum (UCPF) for the Umbilo South African Police Service (SAPS) precinct. For information on what a Community Police Forum (CPF) is, click here

The Umbilo SAPS area includes Bulwer, Glenwood, Congella, Umbilo, Glenmore, Carrington Heights and the University area.The area is bound on the north by Berea Road, inland by South Ridge Road, to the M4 and south to the Umbilo River. Map Google Map

The Chairperson is Thabo Kadikadi who was elected at the AGM on the 5th of November, 2015. To contact the Umbilo CPF, click on Contacts.

The Umbilo SAPS Service Centre is situated in Deodar Rd
between Umbilo and Esther Roberts Road. (Map)

Emergencies: 10111

Charge Office : 031 203 2405 /06 /07

Two community meetings are held by community watches within the Umbilo policing precinct on a monthly basis.

The Bulwer Community Safety Forum meets at Glenwood Community Church on the second Tuesday of each month. Meeting notifications are posted on their Facebook group. Contact Heather at +27 (74) 2032792.

The Glenmore Community Watch meets at Glenmore Primary School on the second Thursday of each month. Contact Wally at +27 (82) 6742437.


Awareness-Queensmead-Mall-sAwareness event held @ Queensmead Mall on Saturday & Sunday (18 & 19 May 2013)

Thanks to the community for the positive responce and donations received.

Thanks to the CPF members who assited in handing out flyers and speaking with the members of the community